St. James Building - Boston

Money has become a material and abstract god in contemporary society. 

The two works in the lobby, Money Mandalas and Money Flies on Gambling Green Felt, are a visual exploration into the various ways in which we connect with money, its meaning and its value. 
The two pieces mix actual currencies folded into origami butterlies with acrylic and wood panels.

Installed in Boston's historic St. James Building in March 2018, this project was commissioned by Richard Cohen.


MoneyFly Mandala

The round, black and gold Mandala is a graphic geometry used in eastern religions to facilitate the mental disciplines of concentration, focus and mindfulness.  As a design inspiration for meditation in tangkas, and subsequently appropriated by western religions in stained glass windows found in places of worship, mandalas and money are contemporary partners.



The vertical rectangle uses the green felt of gambling tables as a background for Moneyflies defying gravity in a lyrical flight of escape: ephemeral, light, hard to touch and hard to keep.